Atal Foundation Launches Web Series on Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee


Bharat Chauhan New delhi,

The Atal Foundation launched a web-series honouring the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, covering the untouched aspects of his life. The launch ceremony was conducted at the Press Club of India, New Delhi.

To roll out this web series, the national executive and state presidents of 10 states hosted a press conference to draw out a plan regarding the web series. The first episode and the poster were launched.

Aparna Singh (National President, Atal Foundation), Bamba Lal Diwakar (MLA, Uttar Pradesh), Abhinay Sharma ( National Advisor, Atal Foundation), Kumud Shrivastav (National President, Atal Foundation) were present in this press conference.

Aparna Singh (National President, Atal Foundation), in her address said, “This web series will feature the life of Atal ji as the tallest Indian statesman and his contribution to the Indian society. The series will be named ‘Vajpayee Yagya’, a ritual based very auspicious in the Sanatan Dharma, the same way as a King follows his Dharma and works for their happiness and prosperity because Atal Bihari Vajpayee adopted Raj Dharma as his sole principle in public life. This web-series will be made with the help of nationalists who firmly believe in the ideal of nationalism and patriotism. We are in touch with such people.”

Bamba Lal Diwakar (MLA, Uttar Pradesh), said, “It is a matter of great pride that a web series is going to be launched in the honour of the greatest statesman of the country Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. I am happy to contribute to this national cause that will motivate the youth of this country to work for Bharat Mata. At least 40 crores youth are engaged on OTT platforms. His ideal and vision of peace, nationalism and development guided not only India but the world as well. I will work along the sidelines of nationalism.”

Abhinay Sharma ( National Advisor, Atal Foundation), said, “Atal ji always vouched for human values and insisted the youth of this country, like me, to work for the welfare of people. This is a matter of research how he managed to climb such peaks of his life with such grace and humility. He will be an inspiration for us.”

Kumud Shrivastav (National President, Atal Foundation, “This web series will be featured in ten parts. The first part of the first episode will be launched on 16th August, the day of Atal Ji’s demise. The remaining 9 episodes will be launched afterwards.”


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