In Sunkhi Punjaban Season 4 showed talent of Punjabi women

Another season of punjabi beauty pagean


Bharat Chauhan New Delhi,

Sunkhi Punjaban Season 4 competition was organized on Saturday in the auditorium of Bhartiya Vidya Peeth Institute of Computer Application and Management. A cultural beauty contest was organized in this gurjeet Kaur secured the first position in the pageant. It is a beauty pageant based in Delhi which highlights the
talent of Punjabi women. The age limit to participate in this is between 18-30. Also, the participants should be able to read, write and speak Punjabi.

This unique program started in the year 2019, its founder
Dr. Avneet Kaur Bhatia was there. Which was done according to the instructions of her mother Devendra Kaur, mother wanted to promote Punjabi language, lifestyle and Punjabi culture, today of course she is not among us,but her blessings are always with us , Punjabi girls beautified the stage by wearing Phulkari, 20 girls reached here with their beauty and talent, in which we got to see Punjabi folk dance and all the beautiful Punjabi talent rounds. Each and every girl Gave amazing performance.

Celebrities from Punjabi cinema and radio attended the show

Celebrities from Punjabi cinema and radio were present, in which famous actors of Punjabi cinema, Jarnail Singh, along with well-known artists participated in it.

Awarded with a cash prize and a chance to make brand ambassador. The girls who stand first, second and third in Sunkhi Punjaban are awarded with Golden Suggi Phool and this year they get . Saggy Phool is a traditional ornament worn on the forehead of a Punjabi girl, also gold plated and given to the Kudi living in all the three places along with the sponsor trip.


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