Vegans create Awareness on animal rights on “World Vegan Day”


Bharat chauhan Animal rights activists in Delhi organised an awareness event on November 1,which is also The World Vegan Day in front of Palika Bazar to make the public aware of the vegan movement and lifestyle. Veganism is a philosophy which rejects the commodity status of animals.A vegan seeks to exclude as far as practically possible all sorts of exploitation of animals. Hence, doesn’t support zoos,circuses and wouldnt buy animal products or products tested on animals.In dietary terms, it means absolute abstain from food products derived from animals like milk, meat, honey, cheese and eggs.

The activists, dressed in black and wearing masks gathered in front of Palika Bazaar. They were holding placards with messages of compassion and justice for animals. Few of the activists explained to the onlookers what the vegan movement stands for. An activist, Sanchita said, “Animals exist for their own reasons and we have no right to exploit them or cause harm in any manner. It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to animals.”The activists further explained the severe environmental consequences of Animal agriculture and the many benefits of following a plant-based diet.

Many of the bystanders who engaged in conversation with the activists were receptive and understood the cause and the need for adopting a Vegan Lifestyle, Activists provided everyone proper guidance and shared their experiences of following a vegan lifestyle.
The whole endeavor was to engage in an effective dialogue with the bystanders and encourage the public to realign their actions of directly or indirectly participating in exploitation of animals with their values on Compassion, Justice, Non-Violence and Kindness,i.e., by going VEGAN. The activists are trying to create a world were animals are free from human induced suffering.


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