Makeup trends by the end of 2019 by Celebrity Makeup Expert Aashmeen Munjaal of Star Salon and Academy


Bharat Chauhan ,As very soon we are stepping into New Year, there are few new trends and tips we can look forward by the end of 2019. Be it fashion, beauty, wellness, decor or wedding. Celebrity Makeup Expert Aashmeen Munjaal of Star Salon and Academy forecasts the makeup trends for the last months of the year –

1. Brown colour back in vogue – Previous year was the year of the hot reds, the upcoming year would love the subtle and dark tones of brown mattes and gloss. The brown would be in seen everywhere be it eyes, lips or cheeks highlighting. Even the hair colour in brown would be more trendy and viral. The bridal makeup trend will look forward to the new colour of the season. The typical reds and fuchsia would be taken over by the bold, hot browns in matte and shimmer.

2. Lined eyes in for 2019 – likewise the previous year, the New Year again be flattered with the winged eyeliner trend. This is not going out of vogue anytime soon. Can be carried well for casual and formal gatherings, lined eyeliner is perfect to don without having any occasional restrictions.

3. Smokey eyes – The Smokey eyes are gorgeous as ever, but can be too bold for some. As bridal make up moves into its understated glam phase, it is time to welcome the blurred eyeliner. With the flexibility of playing with colours and intensity that this smudged look allows, it manages to complement just about every age and style and perfect for a bridal glam look. Smokey eyes gives you a glam look be it for wedding, reception or casual party. The same can be experimented with eyeliner making the eyes more intense.

4. Mane beauty – Whether tied artfully across the crown or left cascading over the shoulder, braids styled in fishtail fashion or inspired by the classic French braid can be worn and styled in more ways than one can even imagine. It promises to make the wearer look whimsical and innocent. Loose braids are best for any occasion like brunch meeting, sundowner party or any casual date.


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