Meet Aishwarya Sharma A fashion Activist


Bharat Chauhan New Delhi, Aishwarya Sharma, a 24 year old Fashion Activist and founder of Moddotcom has a renowned named
in the industry of fashion blogging. She has marked a global presence with giving fashion world a
new edge through her blog ‘Figuramoda’. Her blog breaks all the stereotypes attached to the fashion
industry of bloggers being a mannequin.
Figuramoda marked it’s presence in 2016 when she realised that fashion blogging is a cliché in our
society and she decided to give it a whole new meaning. Figuramoda isn’t your normal blog talking
about fashion trends, brands and dresses but it has a wider concept of social issues. Talking about acid
attacks, Girls education, Mental health and racism to name a few.
Aishwarya holds a bachelor degree in Journalism and mass communication from Vivekanand Institute
of Professional studies and is currently pursuing her MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. She likes to read
and travel. She says ‘It gives me a sense of belonging and helps me rejuvenate’. She also volunteers
at soup kitchens and old age homes from time to time. It makes her happy.
She is working with more than a dozen NGOs like Stop Acid Attacks, Help Age India, Water Aid,
Save Rural India, Domestic Violence Relief and Rehabilitation programmes and Women
Development Cell in India and Internationally to initiate online and offline campaigns to internalise
the unheard voices of women and young girls while constantly promoting Gender Equality and Food
Inadequacy resulting into poverty. As an Activist with a very young set of audience and thousands of
people following me, she feels responsible to voice the issues of the marginalised. She also creates
Food Truck drives to feed as many children as we can around Delhi/NCR with the help of a few
Her mission is to constantly reshape and redefine fashion to break free from the stereotypes attached
with it. For her Fashion is the biggest medium of change there is and she wants people to look at it
from a new perspective, a perspective that it’s not just about what’s on the surface but the
transformative ideas and impact that lies within.


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