Children at Dream School have beautiful aspirations in life

Children at Dream School have beautiful aspirations in life. Some wish to be an army officer, some wish to be a doctor, some wish to be a teacher but they never got a chance to pursue education to accomplish their dreams.


Bharat Chauhan New Delhi,

Dream School
“While distributing food at a slum last year, I happened to talk to its children. It turned out that they had never been to a school in their lives,” Nilay says.

This revelation-initiated Project Dream School to provide free education, study material and mid-day meals to slum children. The first such school was set up within six months.

The project that started in mid of the covid lockdown in June 2020 has now become a 18 school strong project.
Dream School is currently operational in 7 cities and 1 village.
These are Delhi, Gurugram, Lucknow, Ranchi, Mumbai, Pulwama Kashmir, Gorakhpur and Biru Simdega.

Currently Dream School is serving quality education to 2000 children who have never been to school or got dropped out cause of financial crisis with the help of youth volunteer aging between 18-26 majorly.

With the help of Dream School project, Nilay and his team at Vishalakshi Foundation has successfully enrolled 1000 kids to formal education system.

Clearly, the perseverance of one man has created a wave of change that is now making its way throughout the country.


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