Alexs strip – La Cintaa de Alex an Anglo-Spanish film shot in India(Alsisar) spain and united states


Bharat Chauhan New Delhi,

Alexs strip – La Cintaa de Alex an Anglo-Spanish film shot in India(Alsisar) spain and united states ,starring big names like Fernando Gill , Fernando Gil, Rocío Yanguas, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Amit Shukla, Krishna Singh Bisht, Productiond Designed by Boishali Sinha , has been a roller coster since day one, my first international project ,shot in india spain and united states , A teenager is reunited with her father, a Spanish-Maghrebi merchant who has spent a long time in jail accused of Jihadism by mistake. She accompanies him on a business trip to Jaisalmer (India), where they are involved in a terrorist plot. It was amazing to have made the machine alexs machine the second hero of the film , it was difficult but since the one who was assisting me was from mechanical engineering background(shashank) , it became much easier to understand machines . I always felt there is dearth and need to make people understand how important is technicalities in film making also , its not about the bling game that has been preached and followed,
Working with international crew was very interesting, informative and has its own perk , when u get to work like talents of rick lopez who has shot roman empire,kingpin,no kitchen required, an Emmy awards winner in best cinematography ,I still remember how rick had explained the beauty of production design , I had complimented him by saying his lighting and camera handling is outstading , hee said he need good production design to show the best in a frame, then he goes on explaining how he was supposed to shoot a watch house, he did best of his lighting but then something was not right so he didn’t shoot for 2 consecutive days . when finally the set changed then he shot and he realised he needs the production design to do lighting and so he said your production design and art direction is soo good and that is the reason he was light it so well , coming from senior of his level I was and till date am honoured and equally inspired by his word .
So after a long wait now its finally releasing after covid, and it will be one of the first films to be released after this covid scenario , its going to be a very important factor and in history also to see and understand the future of cinema , all in all Alex’s strip was an amazing experience while shooting and I am glad its releasing in big screen as it would be absolutely an honour to see your own name on a big screen but out of India


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