NIEPVD ( DIVYANGJAN) to launch PCM at Senior Secondary level for Visually impaired


The visually impaired students at the country’s tagged institution for visually disabled NIEPVD, which has been established in the year 1959 soon will be introduced by science and maths subject in the senior secondary level.
Amit sharma, the Principal of the model school in NIEPVD, said ” The science labs are being ready to place our students for best challenges.”
He added, that subjects like AI ( artificial intelligence) is one of the subject in the curriculum and the students are ready for the changing future. AI will be started by July from class ninth and it’s an optional subject .
Apart from these , vocational courses are also being offered to mark the latest market trends, the students selected are also equipped with special core skills braille, orientation and mobility , smart phone operations. Computer typing, English and hindi, daily – living skills , home management, personal grooming and marketing skills are all taught so that these are imparted in the students to make a full fledged individual who can challenge everyone.
The school’s mission is to cater equal opportunity, enjoy protection of rights and respect for their autonomy leading a productive, safe and dignified life.


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