Gyan Prakash ,Crystal India Foundation & Reddy Films Production ISO – 9001 – 2015 has empowered many youths , women and children in the field of Social Work and into many documentary films subject. Here the organization has a good tie up with the leading organizations of the Country National & International. Mr . Y. Venkat Reddy , Director of Crystal India Foundation & Reddy Films Production has taken a step ahead to empower the Youths in the field of Fashion , Beauty and Glamour Industry. Here each youth have an important role to play. Crystal India Foundation organized a very big beauty pageant Show at RKV Film Studio in November , 2017. Mr . Venkat was the Co-ordinator of RKV Films Studio also. On 21st July 2018 a very big Beauty Pageant Cum Fashion show was organized at Shillong for the entire North East State where we have registered our records in IBR & ABR.

Miss Crystal India specially designed total 35 Female Models must be on stage in Grand Finale this is very unique in itself. In 2018 we also conducted Mr & Miss Crystal India at Haridwar . Our target is to identify the talents of each individuals who are fit in the Industry. There are many beauty pageant shows happening but there is no follow up of the models. We pay individual attention to top 5 models as well as other 30 models who are the winner of subtitle or even though they have not win. Their participation is very important . This Year we are planning to do in few major cities. We need like minded people to support our noble cause . Each and everyone have a role to play they must come forward and help the Organization at their utmost best. We have done many shows in Collaboration with leading agencies . Crystal India Foundation were in the Forefront to support many small scale organizers and big organizers who wanted to do something great in their field. We are already getting proposals from other Countries to do Beauty Pageant Shows in their Country as well.


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