India Praja Bandhu Party to eradicate casteism


Bharat chauhan, India Praja Bandhu Party has come forward to form a political party to fight for their political , legal and social rights and create a society of equal opportunity. Dr . Ranjith is confident to see IPBP at the forefront of the national politics in India in the upcoming days.

Dr.  Ranjith is dedicated to build casteless India where everyone will be respected of their religion and caste. Party all senior members attended the press conference. Mr . Runjala (National general secretary), Mr. A. Vijaya  Bhaskar ( secretary), Mr T Narashimhulu( national Treasurer), Dr. Arun Kumar ( President, Telangana state and national spokesperson), Dr. K. Balaiah ( president-AP)Mr. Y. Abbulu( IPBP SENIOR  leader),        Capt. V enkatesh Baburao( president TN) , SMT. Sheeba  Praveen( National women secretary) and more than 50 party workers came.

According to the national spokesperson of IPBP , they are ready for the upcoming Assembly and parliamentary elections. It is national political party registered with the Election Commission of India.


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