Dr. Shagun Gupta Supports Kangana Ranaut Following Chandigarh Airport Attack


Dr. Shagun Gupta Supports Kangana Ranaut Following Chandigarh Airport Attack

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New Delhi,In a disturbing incident, Bollywood actress and Member of Parliament from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, Kangana Ranaut, was attacked at Chandigarh Airport. This alarming episode has sparked a wave of outrage and discussions about the safety and security of public figures in India. Famous Mumbai-based celebrity beauty and skin care expert, Dr. Shagun Gupta, has come forward in support of the actress.

Dr. Shagun Gupta, also from Mandi, expressed her solidarity with the actress in a heartfelt statement. “We live in a democratic country, and such things should not have happened to Kangana ji. She is the daughter of India, a respected Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha , National Award Winner and she deserves to be treated with respect and dignity,” said Dr. Gupta. Her words reflect the sentiments of many who believe that public figures, regardless of their political or entertainment affiliations, should be ensured safety and respect.

Dr. Gupta’s support is particularly significant given their shared roots in Mandi, highlighting the close-knit community spirit and solidarity among people from the same hometown. It also underscores the broader issue of ensuring the security of individuals who often find themselves in the public eye, navigating the dual pressures of political and entertainment spheres.

Known for her exceptional skills in the beauty and skincare industry, Dr. Shagun Gupta is a prominent figure in Mumbai’s celebrity circles. She has built a stellar reputation as a permanent makeup expert, having worked with numerous actors and influencers from television, the internet, and film. Her clientele includes well-known personalities such as Freddy Daruwala, Kamya Punjabi, and Arshi Khan. Her contributions to the field of cosmetology and aesthetic treatments have earned her widespread recognition and admiration.

Dr. Gupta’s expertise extends beyond traditional beauty treatments; she is also a respected cosmetologist, aesthetician, and specialist in cosmetic and medical micro-pigmentation. Her distinct art and dedication to her craft have made her a source of pride for India on the global stage. Her support for Kangana Ranaut not only showcases her solidarity but also brings attention to the importance of addressing such attacks and ensuring the safety of public figures.

The attack on Kangana Ranaut has stirred conversations about the measures needed to protect celebrities and politicians who often face heightened risks. In light of this incident, there is a growing call for better security protocols and a reassessment of how public figures are safeguarded. Dr. Shagun Gupta’s statement serves as a reminder that regardless of one’s stature, every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


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