Canon launches its first full-frame mirrorless camera


Bharat Chauhan New Delhi ,

In an exclusive interview to Dilli Patrika , Eddie Udagawa, Vice President consumer imaging and information centre, Canon India talks about providing the photographers the opportunity to experience innovation at a great value and expand the imaging industry.

Q) If i may ask you, why would customers buy canon when the market is flooding with competition ?
Continuing its commitment towards innovation, Canon India is still maintaining its image in the market launching this time, its lightest and smallest full-frame mirrorless camera -canon EoS RP with full frame interchangeable lens mirrorless camera at an affordable price.

Q) What expectations do you find from India for this launch ?
India, is digitally improving and has become more open , flexible and advance . Launching this camera in India will help photographers to rethink and reimagine the art of clicking pictures. It can be used during wedding seasons , as its too handy and comfortable.
Q) Can you share the features of Canon EoS RP ?
The EoS RP series has come with quality and innovation with extreme light weight (485 g) and compact body with 26.2 megapixel , Dual pixel CMoS Af , DiGIC 8 processor with LP -E17- Battery making it suitable for still and video shooting giving newer edge in the imaging space.
Q) Can you share your corporate tagline ?
“Delighting you always ” Canon offers an extended product portfolio and makes everyone delight.


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