A Delhi woman saved from Paralysis and Wheelchair-bound life


Bharat Chauhan New Delhi, Vimla Devi, a 44-year-old woman from Delhi was suffering with muscle and joint pain from
last few days. She even started having minor back pain, which she brushed aside by taking
over-the-counter medications. The pain got progressively worse, to the point of radiating
down her back and legs, making it difficult to bend her knees and even walk. Amid COVID-19
outbreak and lockdown, her conditions further deteriorated in the last 15 days. Well in time
she had realised that she should not let her critical medical issue on hold further. She
approached BLK Super Speciality Hospital and a timely surgical intervention by experts
saved her from paralysis and wheelchair bound life.
A team of surgeons, led by Dr Puneet Girdhar, Senior Director – Centre for Orthopedics
Spine Surgery at BLK Super Speciality Hospital examined the patient and expressed his
concern about the test results.

“VIMLA was losing walking balance and experiencing sensation in her limbs for the last two
weeks. Damaged disc at two levels with corresponding severe cord compression made the
case more complicated. We see such problems with advancing age and prolonged wrong
posture. Delaying surgery even for another day would have led her to paralysis and a
lifetime incapacitated life,” said Dr Girdhar.

“During this Covid period it is also very important to provide urgent attention to Non-COVID
critical cases is equally important. With all precautions, protection, and treatment protocols,
prescribed by the ICMR, we performed microscopic cord decompression surgery and
changed two discs in the cervical spine (neck). The five-hour-long surgery was successful and
now the patient has recovered well. We are happy to see her walking pain free and leading
a normal active life,” he added.

“I was suffering from neck and back pain from last couple of days and my condition was
deteriorating day by day. But initially I was deliberately delaying to visit the doctor in
hospital due the fear of corona pandemic. But when it became impossible to walk and
perform day to day activities, my family rushed me to the hospital. I am thankful to Dr
Puneet Girdhar and his team who swung into action and performed an emergency surgery.
It was a defining moment for me when the doctor told me that he was just trying to prevent

paralysis and keep me out of a wheelchair. I am feeling better now after surgery and able to
walk pain free.” said VIMLA.

The advanced and high-end procedure enabled to stop any further damage from occurring,
and VIMLA noticed a significant improvement in her condition immediately after the


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