5 lakh people have got food from the initiative WECARE


Taking this opportunity more to tell you about a community-initiative who is determined to help the vulnerable sections of society. It was started by an IRS (Officer turns Offeror) over WhatsApp that has now grown into a people’s community with an aim to “not let anyone sleep hungry”. At present, it has 30+ volunteers who are working selflessly to help society.

The community fed almost 5,000 people every day and till now fed more than 5 lac amidst lockdown. It is not only limited to humans but also works for the welfare of animals. To feed them, the community arranged more than 300+ water buckets and food to ensure that no animal is left hungry.

Even now in Unlockdown 1.0 community is providing people with dry ration and especially for the people who physically disabled or old age people who can not go to work or earn a living. They have also been distributing protein diet food for pregnant women and taking care of the animals across the area.

The community has not only helped in feeding people but has given livelihood opportunities to several women especially during the period of lockdown when most of them from the unorganized sectors lost their jobs. It has employed 200+ women in the Greater Faridabad region by opening a sewing center in Kanwara village. Apart from this, IRS plans to form 3 more self-help groups where these women will make pickles, papad, and chocolates. They also promote menstrual hygiene and is working to remove ‘taboo’ about menstruation.

The community is growing every day and is receiving love and support from people, even famous personalities like Yuvraj Singh, Randeep Hooda, Jimmy Shergill have appreciated IRS work.

About the Officer:
Dr. Aditya Prakash Bhardwaj is currently posted as Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax in Faridabad. After completing his MBBS from PGIMS Rohtak, then moved ahead to pursue UPSC and got selected in the 2015 batch. Being driven by the zeal to serve the underprivileged, he has constantly been in service of imparting knowledge to the children living in slums for the past 3 years. He likes to spend his weekends to teach school students and enlighten them through career counseling and motivation classes.


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